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Hydrated Compounds

Graph Paper Lab Freezing Point Depression and Molar Mass
 Safety Lab    Titration
Density of Water  Lab Heat of Combustion
Density of Pennies Lab Flame Test
Density of Sand Lab Molar Mass 
Copper Silver Gold Lab Solubility Curve of Potassium Nitrate
Heating and Cooling Curves  Lab Predicting Precipitation Reactions
Specific Heat

Lab Specific Heat (2015)

Solubility Curve of KNO3
Heat of Fusion of Ice Lab Acid and Base Indicators
Heat of Crystallization of Wax  Lab Stoichiometry of Lead Iodide
Boyle's Law  Lab Double Replacement Solubility 
Charles' Law Lab Cooling Curves
Beanium   Lab Quantitative Analysis
Flame Test Lab Transfer of Heat
Lab Preparation of Oxygen Gas (KClO3)

Lab Preparation of Oxygen Gas (H2O2)

Lab Half- life
Lab Preparation of Hydrogen Gas  
Lab Mass Mass Slime Lab

Chemical Demonstration Videos