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Ch 1 Chemical Foundations 

1.3 Units of Measurement-

Metric System

1.4 Uncertainty in Measurement-

Accuracy Precision

Significant Figures

Scientific Notation

1.5 Significant Figures in Calculations-

Significant figures in Calculations

Rounding using Significant Figures

1.6 Dimensional Analysis-

Dimensional Analysis

Metric conversions

1.7 Temperature-

Thermometry and Temperature Conversions

1.8 Density-


1.9 Classification of Matter-

Classifying Matter

Separation Techniques

Dr. Ott's Video Lectures Chapter 1

Basic Chemical Defiinitions 12 min flash google video
Numbers, SI Units and Scientific Notation 10.5 min flash google video
Significant Figures 11 min  flash google video
Unit Conversion and Density  15 min flash google video

Chemical Demonstration Videos