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Strong and Weak Electrolytes

The Nature of Aqueous Solutions: Strong and Weak Electrolytes


Solute-the substance being dissolved

Solvent-the substance doing the dissolving (the larger amount)

Solution- a homogeneous mixture of the solute and the solvent

Solution= solvent + solute

Aqueous (aq)= water solution

Tincture= alcohol solution

Amalgam= Mercury solution


Electrolytes- A substance that when dissolved in water produces a solution that can conduct an electric current

Strong and Weak Electrolytes


Strong Electrolytes conduct current very efficiently

Completely ionized or dissociate when dissolved in water  (single arrow)

  a. Soluble Ionic compounds

  b. Strong acids (HNO3(aq), H2SO4(aq), HCl(aq))

                         HNO3--> H+ + NO3-     (100% ionization)

  c. Strong bases (KOH and  NaOH)

                       KOH -->K +    +OH -     (100% dissociation)

***covalent substances ionize....ionic substances dissociate

Weak electrolytes conduct only a small current

Slightly ionized in solution   (double arrow)

  a. Weak acids (organic acids-->acetic, citric, butyric,malic, etc.)

                       HC2H3O2  <==> H+  + C2H3O2-

b. Weak bases (ammonia)

                        NH3 + H2O <==> NH4+ + OH-

Nonelectrolytes conduct no current

No ions present in solution

  a. alcohols, sugars

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