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How to Prepare a Solution



Preparing a (0.500L)of a 0.25M

Step 1 Determine the moles of the solute using the molarity equation and the desired volume.

M x liters of solution= moles of solute

0.25M x 0.500L= 0.125mol NaCl

Step 2  Convert moles to grams

moles x molar mass= grams of solute

0.125mol NaCl x 58.43g/mol =7.304g

Step 3  Place a sheet of massing paper on a balance and zero the balance. Mass out the calculated mass (7.304g) onto the massing paper.

Step 4 Transfer all the solid into the appropriate size volumetric flask (500.mL in this example).

Step 5 Add enough water to 1/2 fill the volumetric flask. Swirl the liquid to dissolve all the solid.

Step 6 Add more water until you are about an inch from the line on the flask.

Step 7 With a dropper, add the remaining water and bring the bottom of the meniscus to the line.

Step 8 Label the container with the concentration, date the solution was prepared and your initials.

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