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Lines Spectra Tutorial and Excited Electron States



Where does a spectrum come from?

"Excite electrons fall back to lower energy levels releasing energy in the form of light."

Exciting an electron promotes it to a higher sublevel of energy level.
Beryllium Carbon

Ground state (lowest energy configuration) Excited State (higher energy configuration)
2-7 2-6-1  **Note the # of electrons are the same
2-8-1 2-8-0-1
1s22s22p5 1s22s12p6

When they return to the ground state energy is given off.

Since each element has different numbers of protons, neutrons and most importantly electrons, the emission spectrum for each element is different. Is can be used to identify an element in mixtures.




Line up the lines to identify the unknown elements. If the lines are not present, that element is not part of the mixture. The answer is choice 1.

More spectrum of selected elements.

These individual lines represent specific amounts of energy that was released as an electron transitions to a lower energy level.

Energy, wavelength and electron transitions


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