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Gay Lussac's Law



Gay- Lussacs Law- This law describes the relationship between temperature and pressure changes with constant volume.
P1 = P2
T1 T2

P= Pressure   T=Temperature in Kelvin

Tires explode when a car or truck is on fire.  Temperature increases and Pressure increases (volume remains the same)

 Explosion at 25 seconds

Explosion at 2:40


Sample Problem #1-

Find the final pressure of gas at 150. K, if the pressure of gas is 210. kPa at 120. K if the volume remains constant.


P1 =


T1 T2


210.kPa = P2
120.K 150.K

cross-multiply and get P2 by itself.

T1=(210.kPa)(150.K)/120.kPa = 263 kPa

Sample Problem #2

A cylinder contain a gas which has a pressure of 125kPa at a temperature of 200. K. Find the temperature of the gas which has a pressure of 100. kPa if the volume remains constant.

Answer-->How nice the temperature is already in Kelvin (a gift).

P1 =


T1 T2


125kPa =

100 kPa

200 K T2

cross-multiply and get T2 by itself.

T2=(100.kPa)(200.k)/125kPa = 160.K

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