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What are ethers?

a chemical compound where and oxygen atom connects two substituted groups


Nomenclature-Ethers can be named by naming each of the two carbon groups as a separate word followed by a space and the word ether.

Examples- to see the names highlight name left of the structure

Name Condensed Structure
methyl methyl ether (dimethyl ether) CH3–O–CH3
ethyl methyl ether CH3–CH2–O–CH3
ethyl ethyl ether (diethyl ether) CH3–CH2–O-CH2–CH3
ethyl propyl ether CH3–CH2–O-CH2-CH2–CH3
propyl propyl ether (dipropyl ether) CH3–CH2–CH2–O-CH2-CH2–CH3


Name Expanded Structure
methyl methyl ether (dimethyl ether)
ethyl methyl ether
ethyl ethyl ether (diethyl ether)


Primary alcohols react to produce an ether and water

        R-OH + R-OH → R-O-R + H2O

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