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ChemGuy Advanced Chemistry Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases 1- Chemguy gives an overview of the properties of molecular and neutral ionic solutions. Acids and Bases 2 -Chemguy describes the properties of acids and bases.
Acids and Bases 3-Chemguy teaches the equilibrium constant for water, Kw. 

Acids and Bases 4-Chemguy teaches pH calculations for strong acids and bases. 

Acids and Bases 5-Chemguy calculates the pH of a weak acid.  Acids and Bases 6-Chemguy calculates the pH of a weak acid using the quadratic formula. 
Acids and Bases 7-Chemguy calculates the pH of a weak base. Acids and Bases 8-Chemguy writes Bronsted-Lowry net acid base equations. 
Acids and Bases 9- Chemguy talks about acidic deposition from fossil fuel combustion.


Acids and Bases 10- Chemguy demonstrates acid/base indicators.


Acids and Bases 11-Chemguy performs 1:1 acid base Stoichiometry.
Acids and Bases 12-Chemguy calculates the pH of a solution mixture of acid and base; in excess reagent. 
Acids and Bases 13-Chemguy performs 2:1 acid base Stoichiometry.
Acids and Bases 14-Chemguy calculates the pH of a buffer solution using the Henderson/Hasselbalch equation. 
Acids Bases 15-Chemguy explains titrations and various titration curves.

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