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Energy 1  Chemguy introduces the topic of chemical energetics; thermodynamic laws. Energy 2 -Chemguy describes the energy conversions from nuclear fusion to electricity production
Energy 3  Chemguy explains exo and endothermic reactions; calorimetry.
Energy 4 Chemguy explains kinetic energy; Vibrational, rotational and translational energies.
Energy  5 Chemguy discusses potential energy; intra and intermolecular bonds; heat capacities Energy  6 Chemguy concludes molar heat capacity; phase and temperature changes.

Energy 7 Chemguy does a temperature/phase change calculation.


Energy 8 Chemguy goes through a calculation involving the warming of water through a phase change.


Energy  9 Chemguy explains a molar heat of fusion of water calculation.


Energy 10 Chemguy introduces chemical change; heats of formation.


Energy 11 Chemguy graphs reactions; Hess' Law of Additivity.


Energy  12 Chemguy explains nuclear change.


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