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Redox 1  Chemguy introduces electrochemistry; spontaneity. Redox 2 -Chemguy explains the redox reaction between lead metal in a silver nitrate solution.
Redox 3  Chemguy explains balancing redox reactions with the "half-reaction" method. Redox 4 Chemguy balances a redox reaction in a base.
Redox 5 Chemguy teaches how to do calculations for electrochemical reactions with Faraday's constant. Redox 6 Chemguy goes over corrosion and the concept of cathodic protection.
Redox 7 Chemguy teaches oxidation numbers.

Redox  8 Chemguy balances a tricky reaction with oxidation numbers.
Redox  9 Chemguy builds and describes a voltaic cell.
Redox  10 Chemguy explains electroytic cells.

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