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Bonding: General Concepts

8.1 Types of Chemical Bonds

Types of Bonds

8.2 Electronegativity


8.3 Bond Polarity and Dipole Moments

Bond Polarity

8.4 Ion Electron Configurations and Size

 Part 3 Writing Electron Configurations (Ions and Atoms)

Ionic radius vs. Atomic radius

Isoelectronic Series

8.4a Predicting Ionic Formulas

Formula Writing

8.4b Sizes of Ions

Ionic radius vs. Atomic radius

8.5 Formation of Binary Ionic Compounds

8.5a Lattice Energy

8.6 Partial Ionic Character of Covalent Bonds

8.7 The Covalent Chemical Bond: A Model

8.8 Covalent Bond Energies and Chemical Reactions (Enthalpy)

Bond Energy and Enthalpy DH

8.9 The Localized Electron Bonding Model

8.10 Lewis Structures

70 Lewis Dot Structures Videos

8.11 Exceptions to the Octet Rule

Exceptions to the Octet Rule

8.12 Resonance

Resonance Structures

8.12a  Odd-electron Molecules

Lewis Dot of Nitrogen Monoxide NO

8.12b Formula Charge

Formal Charge

8.113 Molecular Structures: VSEPR

Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion VSEPR(Shapes)

Bond Angles


Chemical Demonstration Videos



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